Hockey Canada Hazing Awareness Bulletin 

New Team Staff Members


Whoa!  We grossly underestimated the number of new coaches that would be attending the orientation session October 1st. Thanks go out to the people who were so crowded and yet made the best of the situation. In light of the fact that the Q and A and other parts of the session were restricted, the manual can be accessed and downloaded right here on the Coaches portal and the test can be done here on line as well.

Note: Successful completion of the test will suffice to qualify for your pass and accreditation as NYHL Team Staff. All new team Staff will complete their requirement this way and there will be no make-up meeting on October 27th.

Process for getting your pass.

If you have not submitted a photo yet do so on the NYHL web site http://www.nyhl.on.ca/. It has to be a jpeg and a head and shoulders shot from a smart phone will work just fine.

The information as to team, division and Club is matched with that submitted by your Club contact.

If you have completed a review of the manual, passed the test, and submitted your photo, you're finished.

If the Club Contact has submitted your name. team, and age division on the Club's Team Staff listing, you're both done.

The NYHL can now produce your pass.

All passes will be given to your Club Contact for distribution. You'll get your pass from your Club Contact.    


Thanks again for your patience. We're glad to have you working with the kids. Best of luck for a fun season in the NYHL.

Below is the link for the online coaches test. ONLY returning Coaches and Managers are to complete at this time.

NEW Coaches and Managers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 1st here at Downsview Arena 7:00pm.


2013 -2014 Coaches Manual



Attention Team Officials


Anyone needing referees for exhibition games, please contact Seth Kirshenbaum at nyhlassign@rogers.com

Please provide the following details:

Number of officials needed



Start time and Length of ice slot

Age Group